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Free Hidden Power tools were originally a means of promoting the idea that you could ramp up the power of Elements with Hidden Power tools. They were (and are) free to everyone — whether or not you buy the book — and they work on Mac and PC (sometimes with separate installers). The tools can be downloaded by anyone, they work without the book, the tools are not the same as the tools in the book, and the free tools compliment the tool set found in the book.

A second goal of providing the free tools was really to try to build a community library of power enhancements for Elements, hopefully to attract other actions writers, developers, and advanced Elements users to work on new tools for Elements to share with the Hidden Power audience. There has been little outside participation, but I am optimistic. When tools are submitted, I'll add them here for download. For more information on adding tools to elements, see the article I posted about How to Run Actions in Photoshop Elements 1, 2, and 3. If you want to participate in adding tools to these listings (for free download or for sale), or if you'd like to become involved in testing, please let me know:

The tools currently available are listed in the following table. Please note that some of these only work in specific versions of Elements. This listing will be updated as additional tools are added. Please see the listing of Additional Power Tools as well. While these additional tools are not free, they add significant functionality for much less than you will pay for plugins.

Tool What it does Elements Versions More Info and Download
Hidden Power Actions Player An interface that allows Elements 1 and 2 users to create customized lists of actions to run in Elements. The package comes with over 80 actions pre-installed. 1 and 2 Free Actions Player
Extended Batch Actions A set of useful batch functions created for addition to Elements 1 and 2. This package allows you to run Autolevel, Autolevel and Auto-contrast, Unsharp Mask and Channel Mixer separately on an entire folder of images. 1 and 2 Free Batch Actions
Bud's Frames A Creates a black-and-white infrared effect from any RGB image. 1, 2, and 3 Bud's Frames A